Allen Edgar Winesett

13-Jan-1856 and Died Feb-1922
Son of Calvin P. Wineset
Emily Francis Linsey

Married 14-May-1883 Nettie Hurd
Born 1863 and died 4-Jan-1921 in Marion County, OR

Married 17-Jul-1887 Matilda Herring Blanwelt in Manhatton, NY
Born ? and died ?

Allen was born in Shasta County, California. It is not clear whether Edgar was his first or middle name. He was named after one of Emily's brothers, Edgar Lavlette or Fox Lindsey, and her father, Allen. Edgar was living in Multnomah County, Portland Township, for the 1880 Federal Census. He was reportedly living in New York when his father's estate was probated in 1893. Edgar, age 61, was in Manhattan, NY County, for the 1920 Federal Census.

Little is known about Nettie Hurd, the daughter of John D. Hurd. She married Allen at her home on 4-May-1883. Mrs. T.E. Whitfield, Nettie's sister Ella, was a witness. I have information that two of Nettie's siblings, Ada and Freddie, were dwarfs. It is not known when Allen and Nettie were divorced. She died in Marion County, OR (Death Certificate #7) 4-Jan-1921. She was in a mental institution for the 1920 Federal Census and died in the Oregon State Hospital for the Insane, the same instution where her son died.

The Federal Bureau of Land Management, Accession Ser. Nr. ORRAA004654, has a Nettie Wineset homesteading 160 acres on 1-May-1906 in Linn County, Oregon, described as the S1/2 of N1/2 Section 2, Township 15 South, Range 2 West. The 1910 census has Nettie and Ella living together and each are listed as widowed with one living child.

Edgar and Nettie's only known child is Clarence Wilbert Wineset (22-Jun-1883 in Portland, OR, and died 9-Feb-1974 in Benton, Corvallis County, OR. There is possibly a second child as there is a Winesett infant buried in Line Fir Cemetery (1891). No one else appears at the right age for that child's parents.

There is a blacksmith named Clarence W. Porter working for Wineset & Scripture on the NE corner of Main at 5th, Albina, Oregon in 1890. There were a lot of Porters in Carroll and Grayson Counties in Virginia. Both of Edgar's grandparents were born near the NC/VA border. Is there any relationship? Note the similarity in names.

Nothing is known about Matilda other than she was called "Tilly". There were no children of that marriage.

Any information about the members of this family would be appreciated.

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